MIX TALENT is the Radio Industry’s new source for STRONG and UNIQUE Voice-Over Talent, and the perfect pairing to our Custom Imaging Production service – THE MIX GROUPMIX TALENT is first and foremost different than anything you’ve ever experienced out there. We are NOT a Voice Talent agency. MIX TALENT is a BOUTIQUE collective of the finest, hand-picked, seasoned, veteran Voice Talent. Add to that our innovative method of offering Voice-Over Talent on Barter, and you’ve got something really special here at MIX.

GETTING YOUR MIX TALENT IS EASY.  We make the process simple, well, that’s not true… The process IS simple; we just don’t get in the middle of it and screw it all up. All ya gotta do is go through the site, find the MIX TALENT that pulls on your heart, brings sweat to the palm of your hands, and makes you start questioning why you didn’t switch out your voice sooner.

Reach out and let’s get into logistics.

A quick, couple minute call, or a fast email is all it takes and we’re off and running. We offer all of our MIX TALENT on Barter, but we can also utilize cash as an option to make things happen. Our NUMBER ONE GOAL and the purpose for our existence is to match PD needs with Voice-Over Talent skills. We took the time to narrow down and form our amazing team of MIX TALENT so all you need to do is point to the one you want, click down on that dusty Packard-Bell mouse, and we’ll get you up and running in no time at all.

There… Easy.